Agafay Day Trip

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Agafay Desert Day Trip: A Journey into Exotic Luxury

Embark on an enchanting day trip to the Agafay Desert, a truly magical and exotic destination where time seems to stand still. Experience the ultimate in luxury at an Agafay desert camp, nestled in the vast stone expanse of a desert that mirrors the lunar landscape. The camp, adorned with tents, provides unparalleled comfort against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

Situated approximately 40 kilometers from Marrakech, this day tour offers a fascinating transition from the bustling urban landscape of Marrakech to the rustic charm of the desert.

Itinerary: Agafay Day Trip

Your driver will pick you up at 17:00 from your riad or hotel. Prior to departure, you will receive the driver’s name and contact number for your convenience.

The journey begins in Marrakech, traversing the scenic Atlas Mountains, providing opportunities to capture stunning photographs against the backdrop of these majestic peaks. Enjoy a 30-minute camel ride and a thrilling Quad experience, immersing yourself in the captivating Agafay sunset.

As the day unfolds, arrive at the camp, where a delightful evening awaits. Engage in the warmth of a campfire accompanied by Berber music, and savor a dinner under the starlit desert sky. Your memorable experience concludes with a return to your hotel or riad in Marrakech city.

Indulge in the splendor of Agafay, where luxury meets the mystique of the desert landscape.


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